ROCKFORD, IL: Secrets to Successful Scenic Stamping, 12:00p

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Secrets to Successful Scenic Stamping

Date: Friday March 6, 12:00p-2:00p
Rockford, IL
Tonya Weakley, Peddlers Den

No Experience Necessary!

The world of scenic stamping tends to be a bit intimidating, even though ANYONE can do it! This class is designed to dispel the mystery. It is meant to empower you to be an educated consumer, and to begin building scenes with confidence! You may be wondering, "How do you know what to stamp first?" or "What paper, ink and tools do I use?" These questions and many more are answered. You also learn various ways of using unmounted rubber stamps, the pros and cons of stamping platforms, tips on perspective and planning your scenes and how to cut and position your masks. We will cover a LOT of information critical to your success as a stamper, but you don't have to remember it all. You will take home a booklet to refer to later. At the end of the class, you will cut a couple of masks and construct a simple scene. This is NOT a workshop.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Participants need to bring their own detail scissors to cut their masks.